the Beskid prototype A pretty and economical Polish mini-car design of the eighties, developed as a potential replacement for the aging Fiat 126p with which it shared parts
the Citroen Deesse A brief look at this revolutionary French goddes of the roads, considered by many to be one of the most significant designs of the 20th century
CWS: Poland's First Series-produced Automobiles A look at these well-designed-and-constructed automobiles of the inter-war years that had great potential for long-term success. Plus a short biography of the main engineer responsible for their world-class design, Tadeusz Tanski, contributed by Dariusz Piecinski
FSOThe Polish auto-maker that formed from the ashes of the pre-war automobile industry in that country and grew into one the major manufacturers of passenger-automobiles there
Intermeccanica The story of this Canadian auto-maker goes back in time and space to Italy of the late fifties
the Ligier JS4 microcar Page A tiny 2-seat French microcar of the seventies/eighties produced by a company known mainly for its Formula One racing machines
the Mikrus MR-300 A durable Polish mini-car of the late fifties
the Meduza prototype A Polish mini-car design of the late fifties, produced by an airplane manufacturer
Truck Builders of Poland

1928 to 1939

1945 to 1995

A brief two-part history of the Polish truck manufacturing industry

Both articles were composed by Albert Mroz and originally appeared in the Society of Automotive Historians Journal. Some images are additions

The origins of Polski Fiat Automobiles made in Poland in the thirties under a FIAT license, article contributed by Dariusz Piecinski
PZInz's 1936 Lux-Sport prototype An innovative Polish luxury-car design with a fully independent suspension, its developement abruptly arrested by the coming of war. Article contributed by Dariusz Piecinski.

Plus an additional article about its type 405 engine with detailed photos contributed by Radek Borowicki.

TATRA The Czech auto-maker with an illustrious history of innovation, represented by a long line of remarkable streamlined sedans
TATRA Trucks The Czech auto-maker's innovation in the realm of trucks, their versatility proved by many successes in the Dakar rally